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Golden Camera was formed in 1995 and has grown into a popular choice for quality photography and event planning services in the last few years. Golden Camera has worked on a large number of events including weddings, corporate events, studio shoots, outdoor photography projects, government photo shoots, etc.

The Golden Camera team is an all-female team of 17 talented girls, holding expertise in all types of photography. The all-female nature of the team also makes it ideal for private and sensitive events where privacy and confidentiality are of prime importance.

Clients choose to trust Golden Camera thanks to the modern equipment and gear, professional conduct, expert recommendations and consistently high-quality results.


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Golden Camera offers a world-class range of photography and event planning services. Each service is offered with a customized and detailed explanation of all of the available options, and every attempt is made to ensure that the experience is a dream come true, every time! Our expert team is always ready and happy to provide examples of some of our former work and help you create the perfect event.

Wedding Photography & Video

Photographs for tomorrow to help you capture, share and enjoy the best moments of your special day.

Events Photography & Event Planning

Events Photography & Event Planning

Professional event photography for all types of public, private, corporate, indoor and outdoor events.

Digital Studio Shooting

Digital Studio Shooting

Customized event planning for A-to-Z event creation, execution and management.

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Photoshoots and Events

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Sultan Bin Zayed St Al - Muroor Rd

Bldg 535

Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates


050 622 5515



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